Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

One of the reasons that the Government of Canadian Province of Manitoba continues to rely on Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to attract immigrant candidates that the Government estimates that Manitoba will experience a labour shortage of over 20,000 skilled workers by the year 2020.

Manitoba needs business people as well as skilled workers, and their families who intend and are able to successfully settle and economically establish themselves in Manitoba as permanent residents. For this reason, Manitoba has an active and successful immigration program.

The Government of Manitoba tries very hard to make it easy for suitable business people and skilled workers to immigrate and successfully settle in Manitoba. According to a recent survey, 85% of nominees under MPNP started working 3 months after arrival to Manitoba, and 76% of nominees were homeowners within five years.

Approximately 15,000 immigrants settle in Manitoba every year and Manitoba benefits from internationally experienced workers who immigrate through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

Business MPNP

Business MPNP allows Manitoba to recruit suitable business people from around the world who have the intention and ability to move to Manitoba and successfully establish themselves in Manitoba by purchasing a business or by becoming partners in an existing business.

Business MPNP Eligibility:

  • Have personal net worth of at least CDN$350,000
  • Invest in business in Manitoba at least CDN$150,000
  • Make a good-faith deposit of CDN$100,000 (refundable)
  • Have minimum 3 years of business ownership and management experience or minimum 3 years of executive-level experience as senior manager of a business
  • Score a minimum of 60 points (of total 100 points) in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix (under the following factors: Age, Business Knowledge, Business Experience,  Net Worth, English and/or French Fluency, Enhanced Settlement Factors)

Skilled Workers MPNP

Skilled Workers MPNP allows Manitoba to select internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills required by employers in Manitoba.

Manitoba nominates successful MPNP applicants to obtain permanent residence in Canada in order to settle in Manitoba.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

MPNP applications under this sub-category should be:

  • Temporary foreign workers, or
  • International student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and have a permanent job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

Skilled Workers Overseas

MPNP applications under this sub-category should be qualified skilled workers who have sufficient points for five eligibility factors (Age, English Proficiency, Work Experience, Education and Adaptability) and who can demonstrate a strong connection to the province through:

  • Family or friends
  • Past education or employment
  • Invitation of the MPNP

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