Self-Employed Immigration

Self-Employed Immigration Canada

Self-Employed Immigration

There are various ways to pursue Self-Employed Immigration to Canada. The choice of options would depend on the business as well as personal plans, but can be generally summarised as follows:

  • Temporary Residence through Federal Immigration Program
  • From Temporary to Permanent Residence through Federal Immigration Programs
  • From Temporary to Permanent Residence through combination of Federal and Provincial/Territorial Immigration Programs
  • Permanent Residence through Provincial/Territorial Immigration Program
  • Permanent Residence through Federal Immigration Program

Self-Employed Immigration through Federal Immigration Program (Permanent Residence)

A prospective applicant under self-employed immigration category must:

  • have relevant experience;
  • have the intention and ability to be self–employed in Canada;
  • intend to make a significant contribution in specified economic activity in Canada though self-employment in cultural activities, self-employment in athletics, or self-employment as a manager/operator of own farm in Canada.

All Self-employed applicants are in addition assessed according to the following selection criteria for self-employed applicants:

  • Business Experience: Maximum 35
  • Age: Maximum 10
  • Education:  Maximum 25
  • Official Languages (English and French): Maximum 24
  • Adaptability: Maximum 6

TOTAL:   Maximum 100

A Self-employed Applicant is required to have at least 35 points out of 100 available points.

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